Lies Ghanaians Say During Sex

In an ideal situation, since sex is a really intimate action, people should open up during the act; both emotionally and physically but it isn’t the case all the time since not every situation is an ideal one.

Here are some lies Ghanaians say during sex.

1. “I don’t have a condom”

Well this isn’t really during the sex but some Ghanaian boys will tell you this just because they want to hit it raw. If you check their wallet, I’m sure you’ll see one in there.

2. “Just the tip”

The lies guys say just because they want to have sex with you can be so silly. Just the tip how? Any lady who has fallen victim to this lie from the pit of hell will tell you that they didn’t put “just the tip” in there.

3. “This hasn’t happened to me before”

…. says every guy who cums after 1 minute meanwhile it has happened more than once. A few minutes after, they want to be given another chance to redeem themselves.

4. “You’re the best I’ve ever had

How do you explain that your ex gave you multiple orgasms even BEFORE the sex began? There’s no need to talk plenty right? It’s easier to drop this line and make sure that this is the last time you have anything to do with them sexually. You cannot afford to be wasting sin.

5. “Yeeaah, I came”

Meanwhile the truth is that you were tired of whatever they thought they were doing and you needed them to stop and the only way they would is if you acted like you came hence….

What other lie did we leave out?


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