9 Emojis We Use In Ways They Aren’t Supposed To Be Used

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

It’s 2020, and if you text without emojis, you might be a psychopath. With how popular emoticons have become, they have formed a language of their own. In fact, some of the most popular emojis are used in ways I doubt the creators ever intended them to be used.

The Eggplant Emoji

Emoji Illustration Via Dictionary.com

The eggplant emoji is now widely used to represent the penis. Wait—in fact, if it’s not meant as a penis, why the hell are you sending anyone an eggplant emoji in the first place?

The Splash Emoji

Emoji Illustration Via Dictionary.com

The splash emoji is now used as a euphemism for … err, other things that are wet. And sometimes people get creative and place it next to the eggplant emoji, which spoiler alert, is also very dirty.

The Banana Emoji

Emoji Illustration Via Dictionary.com

Why have just one fruit represent the penis when you can have two? Although, the banana emoji is usually used to represent the uncircumcised form of the member.

The Peach Emoji

Emoji Illustration Via Dictionary.com

Honestly, at this point it’s harder to find fruit emojis that haven’t been sexualized than those that have. The peach emoji is used to represent butts. I mean, just look at it and you’ll get why. Don’t you want to see how that peach looks in some jeans?

The Monkey Emoji

Emoji Illustration Via Dictionary.com

Next we have the monkey emoji. And I’m just going to assume that this is a shy monkey emoji. So, this emoji is usually attached to risky texts. Somehow, it softens the blow. And I’m not sure if that makes sense, but you get it, right?


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