4 Things People Who Are Always Late Have In Common

You have to be somewhere at 11am but as at 10am you still haven’t taken your bath. You’re now thinking of the fastest route to the place and preparing an excuse as to why you’re late.

If this is you all the time, here are some of the things you would relate to.

1. You set a lot of different alarms but don’t wake up to any

You can wake up and see the alarms and put them off. There are times where you’re very awake and you know you have to get up and prepare to leave but naaa! There’s something inside you that just wants you to relax.

2. Almost 30 minutes to the time, you start to freak out

That is when it hits you that you’re going to be really late. When you try ordering a car hailing service, that is when the driver starts messing up or your network is messing up or the map is messing up.

3. When you try to be early and something happens to make you late, it hurts

Everybody just assumes you’ll be late and so when you plan to be early and something makes you late, it hurts so bad.

4. When you’re too early you start to regret

You start to wonder why you decided to come so early in the first place. This is why you’re usually late… because people are always doing GMT 🙄. You should have been like just 10 – 15 minutes late. Something tiny… that’s almost an equivalent of being early right?

On another day, the same process will happen again.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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