The Entrepreneur’s Corner: What To Do When Other Vendors Steal Your Product Images

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Dear, Entrepreneur, we know it can be hard putting together resources for your business. And then when you do, there are other vendors who won’t put in the same amount of effort. For example, when it comes to product images, you might spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to take your own. Alternatively, you might even hire someone to take the images for you. Then imagine if, in that situation, another vendor just opts to skip all the work and screenshots your images.

This week on The Entrepreneur’s Corner, we take some tips from Marketing Strategist Patty The Strategist (@_thisispatty). So, by the end of this article, you should have some viable options for a situation where other online vendors steal your product images.

Do Nothing

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It’s a bit discouraging, but we live in a country where you’re going to have trouble enforcing a copyright claim over Instagram-use of your image. So, Patty The Strategist advises that if the other vendor’s stealing of your images doesn’t affect your brand, or your customer acquisition, then an option could be to do nothing. If you’re the type to feel strongly about not letting them get away with it, then you might consider some of the other options on this list.

Watermark Your Images

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Now, another thing that you can do, is to watermark your images going forward. This prevents any future theft of your product images. When deciding on a watermark, you want it to be non-invasive for the people that you’re targeting. At the same, however, you also want to make sure that it is clearly visible and not in a spot where it can easily be cropped out.

Ensure that your name can’t be taken out of the picture. And an additional benefit of watermarking your pictures is that, things are so easily shared around. And if people share one of your images, that’s an additional marketing opportunity. Anyone who is interested in you product will be able to find you easily.

Report Them In-App

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This option is one of the more effective ways that you can get a stolen post taken down. When your image is stolen, you can report the post to Instagram and have them do something about it. For copyright issues you can quickly fill out this form. Otherwise you can quickly report from the post menu in the app.

Although, in the case of reporting from the post menu, it’s more effective if you can gather some people to report as well. So if that’s the route that you want to go, enlist friends and family to help you report the account.

Send A Cease And Desist Letter

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Now, it is highly unlikely that you want to hire a lawyer to deal with a stolen image on Instagram. But if you’re looking for an effective way to threaten legal action, a Cease and Desist letter is the way to go. You can easily draw one up yourself by getting a template from here. It’s free and should only take a minute.

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