Get A Personal Bank Assistant On Ecobank And Win Free Netflix Subscriptions And More

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Social distancing is a very important way of making sure you do not catch the coronavirus, but in keeping to this very important COVID-19 preventive measure, most banks are now burdened with long queues, making bank transactions a bit more stressful for users.

Fortunately, Ecobank is bringing the bank to you with your very own personal banker.

Meet Rafiki.

Rafiki is going to make your banking lives easier without any stress. She is easily accessible via WhatsApp at any time of day. You just have to simply save the number +22870355979.

What can Rafiki help you with?

Get help from Rafiki on opening an Xpress account. You just have to make sure you have a registered phone number and you will be set for an Xpress account! You can also transfer funds through both the domestic and rapid transfer with Rafiki.

For those always on the go, transferring funds through domestic and rapid transfers are very simple and buying airtime, making Mobile Money transfers can be requested for and done without any hassle or delay.

Rafiki can easily handle paying bills, paying merchants, checking bank rates and even accessing the EcobankPay QR.

Like we said, it’s like having your own personal banker in your pocket!

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If you thought all that was quite awesome, then you need to know that working with Rafiki comes with lots of freebies. From September through to October, all you need to do is keep transacting with Rafiki and win prizes, which include Netflix Subscriptions, lots of data, airtime, shopping vouchers and more!

Christmas came early with Ecobank’s Rafiki!


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