5 Silly Things That Prove You Shouldn’t Google Your Symptoms

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It’s very tempting, when you feel a sudden or irregular pain, to Google your symptoms. There is so much information available on the internet that you will definitely find what you’re looking for. However, doctors go to medical school for so many years for a reason. Just because you read something online doesn’t mean that you understand what it means or what it means in context to you. Here are all the reasons why you shouldn’t Google your symptoms.

You Have A Tendency To Overthink Things

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If you’re an over-thinker, Googling your symptoms should be a non-starter. Because no matter how insignificant what you feel actually is, you’re going to blow it up in your mind. Add a Google diagnosis to the mix and you’re just going to spiral into some scary trains of thought.

You Have An Unhealthy Lifestyle

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We all know that drugs and alcohol can have long-term side effects. People who use them do so in-spite of the risks. And when you suddenly feel a pain, and you Google the symptoms, the internet is going to convince you that your day of reckoning has finally come for all the fun you had.

You Will See Your Life Flashing Before Your Eyes

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Another more serious reason why you shouldn’t Google your symptoms is that Googling your symptoms can lead to anxiety. You might read a diagnosis that’s more severe than what you’re actually feeling. That anxiety may lead you to believe things are dire when maybe all you need is some sleep.


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