Struggles Only Ladies With Big Feet Understand

Shoe shopping can be a nightmare for ladies with big feet especially because of the shocked looks on shopkeepers’ faces when they tell them their shoe sizes. They usually spend their time lusting after different shoes because they cannot get any in their sizes unless they’re getting it directly from the factory. Here are some struggles you can relate to if your feet are large.

1. Never getting your size

For obvious reasons, this is number one. It usually takes a miracle to find something which looks good and is still in your size. You’ve heard “We don’t have that size but we can order it for you” too many times and you‘re tired of it because it usually ends in tears for you.

2. You never get the particular type of shoe you want

Everyone is wearing a particular type of shoe but when it comes to you, you always have to compromise because you are never added to the equation. You have to keep sticking to the basics because those are the ones that factor you in.

3. Everytime you’re dashed shoes, they don’t fit

Everyone loves freebies but when it comes to you, everything given doesn’t fit. You end up having to gift the shoes back to other family members or friends.

4. Since you hardly get your size so you wear what you have every time

Almost everyday, you’re in the same shoes because those are what you have. You’re still on the lookout for places which can cater for your big feet problem but until then, you’ll have to keep wearing your same old shoes.

5. You can’t share shoes with family or friends

We know sharing fashion items like clothes and shoes isn’t ideal but if you have a best friend or sister who wears the same size you do, it’s fun! You get to exchange shoes and look like you own different shoes when they aren’t even yours. Having big feet stops you from having this experience.

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