Phone Manners Ghanaians Need To Embrace

Some Ghanaians are very annoying when it comes to phone courtesy; no manners whatsoever and it gets so frustrating! Maybe you didn’t know it was rude or maybe you didn’t know that doing these things made people uncomfortable but they do.

Here are some of the phone manners y’all need to embrace.

1. Introduce yourself when you call

If this is the first time you’re calling someone, go straight to the point and introduce yourself when they answer the call. There’s also the chance that people will lose their phones or their contact list, so when you call and the person asks who they’re speaking to, don’t get offended. Just state who you are and the conversation moves on from there. Don’t come and start playing a “guessing game” talking about “so you don’t recognize my voice?” Nobody has that time, please.

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