More Than 70 High Schools Make It To 1/8th Stage Of 2020 NSMQ


Coming Monday, the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) will crunk up the heat in the competition.

That is because some of the big schools in the country will officially kick of their 2020 NSMQ journey starting September 28.

The competition is entering the 1/8th stage where schools that excelled during the preliminary contests are joined by the big boys and girls.

Though we currently have no idea who will be contesting against who, one this is for sure – it gets interesting from here.

So far more than 70 senior high schools are in the 1/8th stage and they are waiting for the balloting to decide who they will be going up against.

Before that there will to more tie breaker competitions to decide on the last to positions available in the 1/8th stage.

Is your high school on the list?


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