6 Songs A Worlasi Feature Made Better

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Worlasi’s versatility is impressive. If you are looking for a traditional themed sound, he’s got you. You want someone to rap and body someone’s favourite rapper? Worlasi’s got that handled. Looking for a badass person to sing the chorus on a hard hip-hop tune? Pshh he’s got you. Love song? Duhh.

Worlasi never ruins a feature. If anything, he makes it better.

Here are just a few of my all time favourite Worlasi features.

Kojo Cue – Dzo ft Worlasi

As if Kojo Cue’s For My Brothers album isn’t perfection on its own, this particular song, Dzo is a beautiful one that just became better with Worlasi’s vocals on the chorus.

Manifest – 100% ft Worlasi

This song with Manifest is just one of many lit songs Worlasi and Manifest have done together but this song is definitely my all time favourite from them.

Akan – Helebaba ft Worlasi

Anyone who does not get lit to this song deserves a special prison. Worlasi’s energy and the obvious fact that they were having fun makes this such a good vibe song.

Maayaa – Ride ft Worlasi

This is one of the most beautiful timeless love songs I have heard in GH.  Maayaa’s vocals with Worlasi’s was just euphonious. ‘Rapping Worlasi’ always makes me excited so I totally enjoyed this laid back version. Personally, this song gives me the same energy Childish Gambino and Jhene Aiko had on Bed Peace. 

Trigmatic – My Life Remix

This song gets me in my feelings. It’s such a great reflective song and Trigmatic did an exceptional job in choosing the right artistes to add to the sombre nature of the song. Worlasi didn’t disappoint at all and his contribution to the song was as good as the others.

E.L – It’s Your Life

To be very honest, Worlasi’s verse is my favourite right after E.L’s on this song. I love that he was at the end like a ticking time bomb because whew! Too hard!

Special shoutout to the joint project between Worlasi and Sena Dagadu titled Wings. That album is a whole vibe.

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