Did You Know: The Difference Between Retro And Vintage

“Retro” and “Vintage” are words that are used interchangeably especially in the fashion world which isn’t supposed to be so.

Here in Ghana, we even have shops that have been branded as “Vintage” when in fact, the stuff they sell can only be described as retro.

In terms of clothing and fashion, a “vintage” item is a piece of clothing that is made during the period of the 1920’s to 1980’s.

Clothing is considered vintage if the style and material used are 20 – 75 years old compared to the current fashion trends. Vintage clothing styles are full of details like lapels, appliques, or designs. They also have very modest or full cuts and lengths compared to modern clothing. Vintage clothes also have smaller proportions. The construction of vintage clothes is also different from other clothes.

Retro is a type of style or design that refers to previous fashion trends, particularly the vintage style. It is also known as “vintage inspired” or “vintage look.” “Retro” is different from “vintage” with respect to appearances and material. Retro clothing has an updated and more polished look. It means that retro clothes are made with an old style or design but with new or contemporary materials.
Retro is mostly borrowed, reproduced or imitated designs.

We hope you get the difference now.

Source: differencebetween.net

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