7 Of The Hardest Guys In The Bible, According To Twitter

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The whole Bible…who do you think are the hardest guys?

The ones who did stuff that you cannot imagine they did especially after some communicated directly with God!


Some Responses had us rolling on the floor laughing!


Top 2 hardest guys and he’s not even number 2! The creator of the whole universe sends you to go somewhere and you don’t go? Ei! No one can do this to their Mothers na God?!


Ananias really tried to fraud God by lying about how much he sold his land for. Shoutout to Sapphira his wife tho, she’s a real “ride or die” because she stuck to the lie and died with her husband.


He stole his big brother’s birthright and when he went to serve under his uncle Laban for years and was returning, he wrestled with an Angel. A whole Angel that God sent to him. He wrestled him. Ei


Imagine your Mum or Dad asks you where your sibling is and you ask “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Ei! But Cain did that to God after he killed his brother! The nerve!

Judas Iscariot

In the words of the guy who tweeted it, “Nigga sold God’s Beloved son” God’s son!!! Lmao he sold HIM for some coins too.


After everything he saw. After all the plagues! This guy still said “Nope, I will not let the Israelites go”


He was asked to impregnate his widowed sister in law and he said ‘no thank you’ and shot his semen out onto the ground instead.


Who do you think was the hardest of them all?

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