5 Fire Freestyles From BBNaija’s Laycon You Need To Hear Now!

I did not know who Laycon was until BBNiaja started and even thought I do not watch it, I have heard his name countless times enough to have a fair idea as to who he is.

Laycon is an artiste…a rapper. I was going to write an article on my favourite songs from him and inasmuch as currently, Fierce is my jam, I realized his freestyles were what i could not stop watching!!

Digging through his YouTube, I realized he had some sort of Freestyle series going and those freestyles were amazing! I just couldn’t stop! His delivery, his style…he really came off as one of those intellectual rappers that rap about life and their experiences and you just…feel them.

Not to compare him with anyone but I couldn’t help but think of J.Cole while listening to him.

These are the Laycon freestyles I really enjoyed. I’m not sure if No Know counts as a freestyle but, I am adding it because his demeanour and everything about the song made me way too happy to not add to the list!

No Know


Eko Freestyle

I Lie


Marley Monday

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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