4 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Lube

First things first, there’s nothing wrong with needing to use lube. If anything, it’s there to help you out. There’s no need to be embarrassed that your lady parts aren’t getting as wet as you would like. We ladies have A LOT going on inside us; with one tiny hormonal change, our stress levels and even the medication we use can cause dryness there.

If you’re on the pill, you’re probably already used to the dryness. You don’t have to be shy of needing lube. Here are some reasons why you should embrace it.

1. Helps free your mind so you focus on the act

You don’t have to think of how dry your lady parts are anymore. Once you introduce lube into your bedroom, you can throw all those worries out of the window and allow yourself to actually enjoy the sex.

2. It makes sex less painful

There’s a reason why your lady parts secrete lubrication when wet; so that sex will be enjoyable for both of you. If for whatever reason, that isn’t happening, sex is definitely going to be painful. If you do go ahead to have sex, you’ll cause tiny tears in your lady parts; which can open you up to infections in the long run.

3. It makes using sex toys much more enjoyable

Toys are usually used for foreplay and by then, your body is probably not showing how aroused you are by producing your natural lubrication. Bringing the extra lubrication into your bedroom helps you enjoy the use of your toys even more.

4. Gets you ready for sex faster

By using lube, you’re ready for sex much faster than you are should you wait for your body to provide its natural lubricants.

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