YouTube Blocks Apple iOS 14’s Picture-In-Picture Feature

YouTube Blocks Apple iOS 14's Picture-In-Picture Feature

Shortly after the launch of Apple‘s iOS 14 update, it now seems that the new picture-in-picture feature won’t work with YouTube unless you have paid for its premium service.

Picture-in-picture mode is a new feature that debuted with the new operating system update, allowing users to watch videos in a smaller window while doing other tasks in the background, much like the equivalent for Android. Unfortunately, many users are now finding that when using the free version of YouTube through the Safari browser app, the video will shrink to picture-in-picture mode for a flash and then revert back to the YouTube window. If you try to access the home screen while watching a video in full screen, it’ll simply minimize to picture-in-picture mode for a brief moment before disappearing completely, effectively rendering the new Apple feature useless.

According to MacRumors, however, picture-in-picture mode still works for YouTube videos that have been embedded on another website, so for now it’s unclear whether the problem with YouTube’s own page is intended to push more users into subscribing for its premium plan or simply just a bug. On the other side of things, users for the iPad will be able to use the new feature regardless of whether they have the free or premium version of YouTube.

Source: Hypebeast

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