Things Women Should Never Say To Their Partners

There is really power in the tongue as what you say can either make people or break them. There are certain arguments and situations that could have been avoided if you had just kept your mouth shut and you know it.

Last week we spoke about things men shouldn’t say to their partners. Check it out here. It’s time for the ladies today.

1. “Size doesn’t matter”

So why are you bringing it up then? Just do what you have to do with it and move on. No need to bring it up because when you do, you draw their attention to it and they start to feel insecure.

2. “Man up”

This statement is very annoying and emasculating. You don’t need to insult him if you think he isn’t meeting your expectations. Learn to communicate better or it will cost you your relationship.

3. “My ex used to do it. Why can’t you?”

Nobody likes to be compared to anyone. Don’t bring up exes unless you’re complimenting your partner. Once again, try to communicate right with your partner. Once there’s a genuine concern and reason why you want him to do something, let him know. Explain it. There’s no reason why your ex should be dragged into this.

4. “You’re so insecure”

We all tend to feel insecure sometimes about our partners sometimes but nobody wants to hear it out loud. If you ever say this line in the middle of an argument, he’s definitely going to get really annoyed with you and himself.


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