Things That Happen When You’re Having A Bad Hair Day

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Bad hair days are inevitable. It happens to the best of us and all we can do is to relax and let all the frustrations pass over us😹. These are some of the things that happen when we have bad hair days.

1. You wake up late

For some reason this is always a factor. You wake up really late and there’s literally no time to do anything. You have to rush to get ready.

2. Trying to decide on the style

This one usually happens when you’re bathing because you just don’t have any time. You have no choice than to choose something that is easy to achieve.

3. Styling the hair

This is where the actual problem is. This is where your “family members” catch you. This is where they control your hair from the inside of a pot somewhere and make sure that whatever you do to the hair doesn’t work out. Your hair has developed a mind of its own and there’s nothing you can do about it.

4. In your frustration you look for a baseball cap

The problem now is that, if you’re going to an office, this will not work in any way. It’s not exactly official and even if your office people don’t mind, you’ll still feel someway about it so you need a change.

5. Next option, wig cap

Problem: You don’t know how to braid flat cornrows so you can actually wear the wig cap and it’s a little too late to go to a salon to get it done.

6. Final option; scarf

Scarves are life savers and everyone should have at least 2. You can style them however you want and make them fit your outfit. (Even if it doesn’t suit your outfit, you have no idea because you’re late remember?😹)


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