Let’s Get You Hired: Frequently Asked Front-End Developer Interview Questions And Answers

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It’s another Monday morning, and we’re back with a new issue of Let’s Get You Hired. This week we’re taking another look at getting a job in the tech industry. If you missed the previous tech issue with Charles Wartemberg (a Ghanaian born professional who is currently Senior Product Manager at Microsoft), you can read it here.

Today, however, we are getting a bit more focused. This week’s issue is going to take a look at a Web Development role, front-end development, specifically. We’re looking at some of the most frequently asked questions for the position. And of course, how to go about answering them.

How Do You Ensure That Your Website Design Is User-Friendly?

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As a front-end developer, your job is to create an experience for the people that use your website or web app. As such, you need to make sure that your product is convenient to use, as well as good-to-look at for the user.

In order to answer this particular question, you need to tell the interviewer how you have catered to your user in past projects. How have you ensured that you product is usable? And what have you done to make sure that it’s accessible for different kinds of users.

Example answer: “I test my web applications on various browsers and devices. I do that to check whether the experience is usable on all devices. I also use popular screen reading software and other assistive solutions to see whether it’s accessible for all potential users.”

How Do You Structure Your CSS And JavaScript To Make It Easier For Other Developers To Work With

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Front end developers often work as part of a team. That team may involve a UI/UX designer who conceptualizes website/web app design. And the team will have back-end developers as well. So, as a front-end developer, you need to ensure that you are able to write you code in a way that is easily understandable by other members of your team.

That means that you should have experience with code organization and commenting. You should also have an inherent willingness to make things easier on other development teams.

Example answer: “I organize my style sheets with sections for each site component. Each section has comments throughout the code so other developers can change it.”

How Do You Learn About The Latest In Front-End Development And Design

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In front-end development, the technology, standards and best practices are always changing. As a result. it is very important that applicants always have an attitude of eagerness to learn.

This question aims to find out how applicants stay in the loop with current trends. That means that interviewers are looking for examples of publications that applicants reads. They are also looking for participation in open source or personal front end development projects. Just the sense that an applicant is interested in their own self-development.

Example answer: “I have several subscriptions to front end development channels on YouTube and participate on the Stack Overflow forums. These resources help me learn about the latest innovations in front end development.”

What Are Your Favourite Types Of Front-End Development Projects To Work On? And Why?

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This question allows the interviewer to get an insight into your personal preferences as a front-end developer. It tries to establish your enthusiasm for the field, and your potential job.

As such, you should have a strong opinion of on your favorite type of development. You should also be able to provide example projects from the field that you have described.

Example answer: “I recently worked on a web application for a local hospital. It streamlined the patient intake process and I loved knowing that my work helped patients get the help they needed faster.”

Let’s Get You Hired is a weekly manual for job seekers. The series contains guides and tips on CVs, Interviews and other resources to get you hired.

Source: Indeed.com


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