#Kumerica: 10 Kumasi Drill Rappers You Should Listen To

Kumerican Rappers (Ghana Drill)
Some Kumasi Drill Rappers image via Twitter @ygaokenneth

Once again, the Kumericans have taken social media by storm and more people are realizing the need to give some attention to their Asakaa/ Kumasi Drill sound. If you are looking to get up close with them and check out their music, here are just 10 of some of the Kumerican rappers I have been checking out!

O’ Kenneth

You’d know him from the viral song, Akatafo) and Sore.

Follow him on Twitter: @ygaokeneth

Bra Benk

Found him on his song, Dabro and that was it!! Check him out on Twitter @braabenk

Kwaku DMC

He’s the one rapper I have seen on almost every other Kumerican’s song. He’s the one artiste most associated with Virgil Abloh. After a song he was featured on got spotted by Virgil, Kwaku DMC has since gone live with the American designer who has shown a lot of interest in the Kumasi Drill movement. Find Kwaku DMC on Twitter: @KwakuDMC


Reggie was featured on the first viral Asakaa hit, Akatafoɔ and he’s on the current hit as well, Sore. He also has an EP out with O’Kenneth titled Straight Outta Kumerica. Find him on Twitter: @ReggieOsei3


If you do not know any Kumerican rapper’s name, I bet you’d know who Kawabanga is. The main artiste behind the viral Akatafo song. Find him on Twitter @Kawabanga___

Jay Bahd

Jay Bahd is the rapper with that hoarse deep voice that someway somehow makes every song he’s on just extra good. It was his song, Suzy, featuring Kwaku DMC that first got Virgil Abloh’s attention. He’s also on the viral hits, Akatafo) and Sore. Find him on Twitter @Jaybahd1

Yaw Tog

If you did not know, Yaw Tog is the main artiste behind the song that’s shaking the whole of social media currently…Sore. Find him on Twitter @yawtog_

Sean Lifer

Fun fact, he’s an artiste but he’s the genius engineer who did the mixing on the production for the viral hits, Akatafoɔ and Sore . Find him on Twitter @SeanLifer 

City Boy

Find him on Twitter @cedicityboy and yes, he’s one of the rappers on the current wave, Sore


These guys are actually a ‘group’ made up of Sosa Armani and Blaq Foreigner. Find them on Twitter @Akataboyz1

Get their music on Audiomack and listen to this song they featured on

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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