Here’s How A Ghanaian Startup Is Boosting Facial Recognition Tech In Africa

Charlette N’Guessan won £25,000 for the top prize (image via Royal Academy of Engineering)

Facial recognition technology is no longer widely employed in Africa, partly attributable to the technology on hand up till now has no longer been adept at identifying and differentiating the faces of black people.

US authorities assessments of the most interesting Western-developed facial recognition programs have proven to misidentify black face.

The racial disparity in the performance of the biometric artificial intelligence technology which kinds the backbone of those programs stemmed from an glaring venture: they are educated by utilizing datasets largely made up of white faces.

In 2018, four tool engineers set up a firm in Ghana to resolve the limitation of available facial recognition tools. They had been inspired by their own assessment claimed that Ghanaian banks are beset by in vogue ID fraud and cybercrime.

Led by Charlette N’Guessan, an engineer, her team developed its own facial recognition tool, BACE API, utilizing artificial intelligence. In distinction to Western developers, they educated BACE API utilizing an extra diverse dataset with a colossal representation of black faces.

One key strength of BACE API is that it’s ready to verify an particular person’s id remotely. Every other distinguishing feature of BACE API is its use of live pictures or rapid videos.

The team won the 2020 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation, which is awarded yearly by the UK’ s Royal Academy of Engineering. N’Guessan, 26, emerged as the first female winner of the esteemed prize.


Source: Gisttree

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