How To Care For Your Scalp When In Braids

When in braids, it’s easy to forget that your actual hair exists and I totally get it. Handling your natural hair is stressful on its own and so putting it in protective styling takes a huge burden off your neck but we still need to take care of our scalp and stimulate it so that our hair grows more.

Hair growth and proper scalp care routines aid in healthy hair growth. Moreover, proper scalp care routine helps to remove the dead skin, keeping the scalp and hair moisturized and balanced which in turn stimulates hair growth.
Here are some practices you should be doing when in braids.

1. Be careful where your braids start

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This is really important otherwise you put a strain on your strands and then your scalp. Your edges should be left free. If they’re forced to hold unto a hair extension, they will pull off when you remove the braids. If you’re going to be using gel too to slick down your edges, make sure that you don’t use it everyday.

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