Dear Musician, Pick Up These Pointers From Kanye West

Kanye West image via Twitter//@AllLoveHipHop

Yes, Kanye West goes off sometmes and he says things we deem to be outrageous.

However, for sometime now, he has been speaking nothing but truth and facts when it comes to his issues regarding how artistes are treated by record labels.

He has started a fight to secure the ownership of his master recordings for his children.

Now, he is teaching and preaching to other musicians on key things about the music business they are in.

Unimpressed with the current conditions in recording and publishing deals, Kanye has outlined a few guidelines on Twitter to help other musicians protect themselves and ensure that the contract they are signing is in their best interest.

Here are Kanye’s recording and publishing deal guidelines:

Y’all paying attention to him or nah?

He is speaking truths though, don’t sign away your life.


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