When Women Say These 5 Things, They Mean The Opposite

Women are very complex. I’m not sure you would ever fully understand us because sometimes, we don’t even understand ourselves.

What you can do is to do trial and error😹. If you do/say something that makes her mad, make a mental note never to repeat it. If you do/say something that makes her feel good and all excited, make sure you do it again.

To make your studies of the female human easy, we’ve gathered 5 things we say which mean the total opposite.

1. “It’s fine”

Translation: No it’s not fine. Depending on what you’re arguing about, it’s either you don’t understand where she’s coming from or she’s so hurt that she doesn’t want to continue arguing. Either way, it really isn’t okay.

2. “I’m not hungry”

Translation: She hasn’t really made up her mind about what to eat. She doesn’t want to stress you but when your food comes, she’ll eat it like her own.

3. “Leave me alone”

Translation: I need a bear hug. Don’t go anywhere. Talk to me. Stay with me.

NB: This applies when she ACTUALLY likes you.

4. “Alright then. Have fun”

Translation: I do not support what you’re doing or where you’re going. I’ve spoken about it so many times and I’m tired. Go do whatever you want to do. Just remember that I’ll bring it up anytime you want to ask me not to do something I want to do. Anytime we argue in future, this is definitely going to come up.

5. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll do it”

Translation: I’m not going to beg you about this anymore. I’m angry that I still have to bring it up. (You better go and do it)

6. “I don’t have anything to wear”

Translation: I have a lot of stuff in my closet but I’ve worn them already and have even styled them in different ways as well. I need to go through my stuff to see what new pairing I can do.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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