Watch Daniel Duncan-Willams Battle His Dad In Ludo

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams with his son Daniel [image via Twitter/@Deewillslive]

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and his son Daniel are getting along very well and spending quality time since the latter returned to Ghana in August.

Daniel, who is said to be living with bipolar disorder, suffered a relapse in June, which caused him to post his nudes on social media, as well as, saying awful things about his father.

As a loving father, the Archbishop ensured that his son – who was in the US at the time – was immediately taken to a health facility to be taken care of.

Daniel since returning to Ghana has done well to spend quality time with his dad.

In a video he posted on Twitter this morning, Daniel is seen playing ludo with the Archbishop. He indicated that there is “nothing better” than spending time with his dad.


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