6 Things You Should Stop Trying To Change In Your Partner

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Every relationship comes with some sacrifices. You change certain things about yourself in order to make your partner more comfortable in general. But there’s a limit to what you should change and there is definitely a limit to what is reasonable to ask a partner to change. It’s great finding a person who makes you happy, but if you have to lose the parts of yourself that you love, what’s the point? And if you push too hard to change certain aspects of your partner, it could lead to some trouble. Here are things you won’t be able to change about your partner, and really shouldn’t fool yourself into thinking that you can.

Their History

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One of the things that you can’t change about your partner is their history. Our experiences from past relationships more or less shape who we become. Our history defines the way that we relate to the people around us. You can’t force someone who has a lot of boundaries to instantly open up, or someone who is close to their friends to put a distance between them. You can’t and shouldn’t try to force changes like these.

The Things That Interest Them

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Life is hard. But we all have things that bring us joy; those things that we love spending our time on. If the person that you’re with is really interested in sports and enjoys bonding with friends over it, you shouldn’t try to change them. When you force people to cut things that they love out of their lives, they will end up resenting you for it.

Their Addictions

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Addiction can be toxic. And one of the most toxic parts of addiction is aggression towards people who try to get you to give up those bad habits. If your partner has an addiction, they have to be willing to work through it themselves. You can give them support, but if it feels like you’re the only one driving that change, maybe you should take a step back. And if you can’t deal with your partner’s bad habits, you should admit what you can’t handle and do what’s best for you.


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