5 Things Guys Should Never Say To Their Girlfriends

We talk about communication a lot when giving advice about relationships, but there is always a way to communicate what you want to say without leaving your partner hurt.

There are a number of statements you should say to your girlfriend because she’ll definitely feel bad. You know her best so if there’s a way you can say what you mean without saying these exact words, go for it.

1. “Are you really going to wear that?”

I can’t begin to imagine the level of anger this statement will bring. There’s a chance she will even decide not to go out with you anymore or if she has no choice, she will ignore you the entire time you’re out.

Ladies usually try to plan outfits way ahead of time. Even if it feels like she’s now putting them together, she has probably been thinking about what exactly she wants to wear. There is a particular look she was trying to go for. Statements like these just suck the life out and she’ll just feel terrible about herself. Find a better way to communicate what you mean.

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