7 Ways Ghanaian Men Say They Like You

Ghanaian men are sweet and when they’re not busy telling you they like you, these are all the ways they show you they’re in love with you 

Constantly Buys you food 

Anytime they come see you, they have food. Anytime you say you’re sad, they order food for you. 

Asks if you’ve eaten

Every day, they’d ask if you’ve eaten and what you ate. If you say you haven’t eaten, get ready for a lecture and maybe a Momo alert…depending on his pocket!

Sends momo 

Some randomly send money for you to use for anything. If you post on social media that you’re broke, best believe they’d credit your account with something.

Laughs at everything you say 

Sometimes you’d never know how funny you are until you meet a man who likes you. He’d laugh anytime you breathe.

Checks on you often 

If he doesn’t hear from you in 2 hours, “Hey, are you okay?”.

First to like all your posts 

If he follows you on social media, you should know that anytime you post something, he’d be the first to react to it!

Goes all out on your birthday

It’s only the ones who like you that will make sure they pull several surprises on your birthday. Be ready for anything if he’s trying to impress you so you’d be his girlfriend.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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