VIDEO: Kanye Pees On His Grammy Award In His Water Closet

Kanye Peeing on his Grammy Award

Kanye West is taking his fight directly to the music executives.

Over the years, music executives have made tonnes of money off the back of musicians by giving them what Kanye describes as “slavery contracts.”

Yesterday he talked about his plan to own all the master recordings of his songs.

Today, he has taken his fight a notch higher by releasing all his music contracts to expose the greed of music executives.

In another dramatic move, Kanye shared a video of him peeing on one of his many Grammy awards.

While wearing his Yeezy footwear, Kanye peed on his Grammy award. When he posted the video he said “Trust me… I WON’T STOP.

Kanye is causing a lot of trouble for music executives and we’re here for it!!


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