The Mysterious COVID-19 “Protection” Badges

Nigerian Senator Dino Melaye wearing the badge

Scientist around the world do not know much about COVID-19.

However, over the last couple of months, much have been learned about the virus though not enough to develop a working vaccine yet.

The relative inadequate information has also meant that people have become susceptible to anyone who claims to have a solution to the COVID-19 problem.

The current thing people are falling victim to is a badge that claims to protect its wearers from catching the virus.

The producers of the badge claim it works by purifying the air around the wearer of the badge thereby killing any coronavirus deposited near the person.

African politicians from Nigeria, the South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit, Russian Members of Parliament have been seen wearing the badge.

However, Mark Ajak, an infectious disease researcher told the BBC that the badges do not work.

Far from preventing people from catching the virus, he said the badges could actually trigger allergic reactions.

Yes, all of us want to see the end of this pandemic, but you have to crosscheck every piece of information.


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