The Most Insane Songs On Kwaw Kese’s Victory Album

Cover art for Kwaw Kese’s Victory Album

Kwaw Kese can be counted amongst the rap legends in Ghana.

He was a favourite from the early 2000s and made it in the industry with his easy laidback rap style that won the hearts of many young fans. 

Years down the line, Kwaw Kesse has done good for himself bringing back his relevance and finding a spot in the new age style of making music. He’s proven he can still keep his head up and just recently he gave us an album… Victory.

Now if you’re not a fan of Kwaw Kese’s style, you probably shouldn’t listen to the album and judge. He’s right on brand and this time you’d notice a lot of reggae/dancehall influences on his music 

These are currently my Top 5 on Victory!


I really really liked Kwaw Kese’s intro. I love a good intro and I found it interesting how he shared his life story, talking about the loss of his dad while struggling to make it in music, going to prison briefly, getting a divorce and  practically going through depression. The choral addition definitely added to the effect he was going for and I’ve found myself playing this song a few times on repeat. It’s quite inspiring. 

Good Man ft Black Prophet & Stonebwoy

Kwaw Kesse went full reggae mode on this song. He featured two of the greatest to ever do it…Black Prophet for that revolution style sound and Stonebwoy for the fire verses. Black Prophet was on the hook/chorus and Kwaw Kese was the first to rap but the real star of the show was Stonebwoy. I keep playing his verse and the only thing that ruined it for me a little was the way Black Prophet’s hook came in after Stonebwoy’s verse. It wasn’t a smooth transition at all. Stonebwoy ended his verse like a badass and a small timing problem almost ruined it. 

Mente Mpo 

We all know Mugeez on a hook means you’re not getting anything mediocre and yes, Mugeez showed his superpowers again on this song. The song is a vibe and was one of my first faves after my first listen.

Trap House Remix 

I never knew this song needed a remix till I heard it and thought “oh wow”. Kwaw Kesse really understands the meaning of remixes and making sure it’s a 2.0 version of the original. Getting the Jamaican dancehall artiste, Rygin King on this was a fire decision because his addition was everything. 

Dondo remix

We all know this song right? I still get excited when I hear it because it’s a badass tune. Sarkodie went MAD over this beat. He brought back the “to ma hunnies on da blaaack” version of himself and I loved it! 


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