The Entrepreneur’s Corner: Traits You Need To Be A Business Leader

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This week on The Entrepreneur’s Corner, we examine what it takes to be a business leader. And we take our guide from Lucy Quist, a heavy hitter in the business world. Putting all of her credentials in this article wouldn’t leave time for any actual business tips. So, we’ll summarize: Lucy Quist is a Ghanaian-British Business Executive, as well as a qualified Electrical Engineer.

Her impressive career includes a role as an Electrical Engineer at Ford Motor Company, as well as; roles as Change Manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland, and as CEO of Airtel Ghana. Lucy Quist also founded Quist Blue Diamond, an Information Technology and Services company, and the FreshPay payment in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Like we said, in the business world, Lucy Quist is very accomplished. Here are some tips, from her own experiences, that she believes got her where she currently is.

Surround Yourself With Like Minded People

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Lucy Quist was born to Ghanaian parents in London, where the family lived. However, the family would eventually move back to Ghana. During the year that Lucy arrived in Ghana with her family, they found that the country was going through an economic crisis. As a result of the tough situation in the country at that time, Lucy developed an urge to do and be more than she was. She had a drive to become a part of a force that changed the bad situation that the people found themselves in.

It was during that time that her will and drive to persevere were formed. She immersed herself in school, favouring Math and the Sciences. At that point, she associated with other children who were also willing to push themselves to go the extra mile. Lucy believes that the friends that we have influence our journey. Of course, the reverse is also true. The lesson to take from this is that associating with people who have similar ambitions and similar drives as yourself; being equally matched—helps you maintain focus on your goals.

Define The Gap Between Where You Are And Where You Want To Be

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After high school, Lucy moved back to London. Of course, she would have liked to continue with her education and go back to the university. However, because of some difficulty in getting a grant, she decided to work. For her, it was a better option than waiting to be able to go to the university. She applied to work at a Ford factory. It wasn’t the easiest of jobs for her, but through sheer determination, she kept at it and managed to get a sponsorship for university from the company.

Lucy Quist was with Ford for ten years. And in that time, she had accumulated expertise Design Engineering, Project Management and Manufacturing. In spite of all of that though, she came to the realization wanted to lead business.

When You Have An Ambition, That You Cannot Immediately See Clearly How You’d Realize It, You Have To Evaluate The Steps Between Where You Are And Where You Want To Get To.

—Lucy Quist.

Lucy realized all the functions that she lacked skill and expertise, and to make up for them, she went to business school.

When Opportunity Comes, Be Ready

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The final tip from Lucy Quist, is to prepare yourself for possible opportunities. You don’t know when it’s going to happen or what’s going to happen. But at least if you’re prepared, you have the choice to say yes or no. Being prepared gives you options. Otherwise you’re going to let opportunities pass you by.

The Entrepreneur’s Corner is a weekly series that brings you business tips and insights from people with real-world business experience.

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