Take This Quiz And We’d Tell You What Kind Of Ex You Are

toxic meme

Who's the perfect Sugar Daddy material?

Pick one of these Ghanaian artistes

AY Poyoo

Choose one female artiste

Who's your 'dzaddy'?

Who's the best lover boy?

via Glitz Africa Magazine

Whose IG will you stalk?

Where would you like to call home?

The Needy Ex

You are the type of Ex who is constantly begging to be taken back. You have cried, threatened and even lived in denial just so you don't have to face the fact that you've been broken up with.
The Toxic Ex

You are probably the one who broke up the relationship and broke your partner's heart. You always wait till you notice your exes have moved on and then, you find a way to reappear in their life and ruin it.


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