RnB Singer, Matt B’s Journey From A Label Deal In Japan To Becoming A GRAMMY Voting Member

Matt B
American RnB artiste Matt B. Photo Credit: Jansen Bridge

For most artistes, finding that big break that catapults your music career into what can only be described as the beginning of your wildest dreams comes in many ways and, for American R&B singer, Matt B, that source came from Japan.

The R&B singer, whose music can be described as authentic RnB music with lush lyrics and smooth vocals had no idea he’d be signed to a label in Japan when he started making music. 

 According to Matt, the label, Starbase Records stumbled on his music on YouTube and offered to sign him and properly release his already uploaded songs as an album. He accepted the offer, remastered the records, sent them and…that was the beginning of his successful music career.

For an artiste who has spent most of his life in Chicago, Matt B’s smooth records secured him a fanbase in Japan, so strong it rippled into other countries including China. His music peaked at number 1 on RnB charts in several countries and his album sold out in music stores in several areas. His sophomore album and subsequent singles followed suit in becoming chart toppers and just like that, the Chicago RnB singer had become an International hit.

Matt B
American RnB artiste Matt B. Photo Credit: Jansen Bridge

 Now years later, Matt B is finally ready to make his mark in the US with his debut US album. 

The artiste currently has two singles off the upcoming album, already in music stores and it seems he has a flair for making impacts with his music. The 2020 singles have made it on charts globally and the numbers he’s raking in on streams are impressive. 

With his upcoming album getting readied to hit stores sometime next year, Matt B proudly shared what the album means to him, the work he’s put in and his expectations when it’s finally released. 

“The most memorable part of recording my album was definitely being able to work with so many accomplished producers, songwriters, and engineers. 

Pretty much everyone who worked on the album has a Grammy or has worked on a Grammy award winning album. Everyone gave great energy and good vibes and I channeled that when I cut the records.”

Matt B
American RnB artiste Matt B. Photo Credit: Jansen Bridge

I am excited about the album and I’m hopeful that everyone will receive it well. 

The album embodies all different facets of who I am as a person and an artist. So whoever listens will also get to know me more through my music”

Releasing music in the middle a pandemic hasn’t been easy. Matt B and his team had to cancel a tour which would have had him performing in Japan for the first time since he became a hit there, about 6 years ago. Yet, despite the setbacks, he’s spent time performing live and interacting with fans and restrategising with his team. 

“My team and I have had to definitely make a lot of changes to adjust to the new normal, but it’s all about getting creative with the approach so despite everything, we are still moving forward on this end”

Like he said, he’s still moving forward and for him, that includes his recent “upgrade” on his Recording Academy status. 

After being a member of the Recording Academy for about 4 years, the RnB crooner recently transitioned into a Recording Academy voting member and for every music industry person, this definitely counts as a huge milestone in his career. 

“It’s a blessing and an honour to have my name, my brand and my artistry associated with the Recording Academy” 

I’m hoping that I can leave my mark and influence on the industry through voting and voicing my opinions and beliefs to the Academy.  There is a lot happening in the industry today, and for me, the best way to make change is to take action”

Aside the fact that being a voting member is a thrilling achievement, actually winning a GRAMMY award will be a dream come true for Matt B. He’s set to be featured in Billboard’s Grammy Contender issue where the renowned entertainment brand features artistes who made an impact in the music industry last year and who are likely contenders for the upcoming Grammy Awards in January 2021.

“I was very excited when I got the news from my manager about the Billboard Grammy Contender issue. I released my visual EP ‘No Days Off’ last December, so we are hopeful that we can secure a nomination”

Matt B is eager to leave a mark in the music industry and his confidence and love for what he does was palpable all though our conversation. With his music style very reminiscent of the “good old days of RnB”, I couldn’t help but notice the influence on his style when he mentioned his top 5 RnB artistes he grew up listening to:  Boyz II Men, Usher, Ne-yo, J Holiday, and Whitney Houston.

Matt B has made a name for himself in parts of the world you would have least expected his songs to thrive and he’s not done yet in amassing more “infinity stones” for his international acclaim. In 2021, he hopes to set his sights on Africa and is already familiar with some artistes he describes as “good vibes”; Burna Boy who’s obviously a common name Internationally currently and Teni whose Billionaire song he can’t get over. 

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