iPhone: Apple iOS 14 Is Being Released Today


Apple is releasing its latest iOS 14 today for those using the iPhone 6 or above.

Unlike its usual practice, the tech giant has opted to launch the latest update for its mobile operating system ahead of its highly-anticipated next-gen iPhone announcements. As with its usual larger updates, however, iOS 14 will bring around a whole array of changes to improve both functionality and aesthetics, including various home screen widgets and ways to organize your apps within an App Library.

Beyond just interface changes, several key functions have also been enhanced. Siri will now come with a roster of new features including audio translation, and only pop up at the top side of your display instead of occupying the entirety of your screen. The Messages app now allows you to pin certain conversations of your choosing to the top for more convenience, while in-line replies have been enabled for group chats. Maps will be getting special directions for cyclists, and a new tool in the updated operating system called App Clips allows users to access parts of an app without having to download it fully.

Source: Hypebeast

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