Infuriating Things You Have To Deal With If You Don’t Drink Alcohol

Photo by Prem Pal Singh from Pexels

Alcohol isn’t for everyone. But hey, for some there is glory in getting wasted to prove your “capa.” Anyway, if your friends drink and you don’t, it can be stressful. And whatever your reasons are for not drinking, your friends are going to have a problem. So we’ve put together a list of the worst things that you have to deal with if you don’t drink alcohol.

The Looks Your Squad Gives You When You Order A Soft Drink

Photo by Alex Knight from Pexels

You can get some weird stares from people that you’re with when you follow up orders of beer with your own order for a bottle of coke—or even worse fanta.

People Questioning Your Masculinity

Photo by Pikx By Panther from Pexels

Leave it to Ghanaians to judge how manly a person is by how many beers he can drink. Anyway, if you don’t drink at all, that’s an automatic disqualification in some people’s books.


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