How Men Cause Vaginal Issues For Women

Personally, I feel like these stuff should be incorporated into our sex education classes in JHS. The way the ladies’ private part is set up, the least thing you do will set it off.

Yes, it’s the woman’s job to keep her parts clean but you the men also contribute to the issues she has down there. Here are some of the ways you do that.

1. When you don’t pull out

Semen can alter your vaginal pH balance which can make infections – like a yeast infection or a urinary tract infection (UTI) – more common.

2. When you don’t wash your boxers often

Or you keep repeating them. This increases the number of bacteria found in them which are then transferred to your penis and then deposited in the girl’s part.

3. Messing around with multiple females

Different females means different pHs. They’re going to suffer for your actions. Also, you can spread Trichomoniasis without even knowing because men typically don’t show any symptoms but in women, it causes a foul-smelling vaginal discharge, genital itching and painful urination.

4. Not washing your hands before fingering

If you’re going to use your hands for any sexual act, you need to wash it and keep it clean generally. You also need to cut your nails. Doing anything opposite this just transfers bacteria to her lady parts.

5. Not having a Personal hygiene

Some of you don’t bath everyday. You’ve not seen the dentist in years. Your beards aren’t clean and even when they are your razor bumps are infected yet you want to eat the coochie. Smh.

Ladies, what other point did I leave out? Let me know in the comments section.


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