Fruits That Will Disgrace You When Eating Them In Public

No matter who you are, there are just some fruits that you cannot eat outside. You need to be at home and relaxed so that whatever happens, it’s between you and your household. The rest of the world do not have to be dragged into it.

Check out 5 fruits that will disgrace you when eating them in public.

1. Oranges

Image of a peeled orange via

Really think about it. Is there ever a sexy way of eating oranges? If the seller cuts the top for you, you would have to cover the top of the orange with your mouth while squeezing the whole thing; as if you’re inhaling it. The other option would be the seller cutting the orange into 4 parts. Even though this might be easier to eat, it still really doesn’t look good. If you don’t believe me, try eating an orange in front of a mirror. I don’t think you would try it in public ever again.

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