Afua Hirsch: Samuel L Jackson’s “Enslaved” Documentary Partner

Afua Hirsch and Samuel L Jackson. Photo credit: Afua Hirsch/Instagram

When Samuel L Jackson announced the premiering of his documentary series called “Enslaved”, it was revealed that he worked with Afua Hirsch on the documentary.

Afua Hirsch is broadcaster and a former lawyer who lives in the United Kingdom.

As her name suggests, she is of Ghanaian heritage.

Her father is British and her mother is Ghanaian.

Though she was born in Stavanger, Norway and was raised in Wimbledon, South-West London she still maintains strong connections to her Ghanaian family. 

Afua is a well known author who published the widely noted book called “Brit(ish)”.

The book highlighted the issues of black people and other minorities living in the UK and their struggles when it comes to identity and a sense of belonging.

Afua is also a mother to a daughter born in 2011 with her partner Sam who is also of Ghanaian heritage.


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