What To Do If Your Libido Is Higher Than Your Partner

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This article is for both the man and woman. There is no reason why people should think a guy should be the one with a higher libido. It goes both ways.

You shouldn’t feel bad if you’re the one with the higher libido and neither should you have to always be dissatisfied. Here are some tips for you.

1. Communicate

You need to let them know that you’re usually not satisfied after the round of sexual encounter. Explain it to them. Don’t nag. Don’t be angry that they don’t satisfy you or are usually spent when your itch still hasn’t been scratched yet. Communicate like a learned adult.

2. If you’re a man and you have a higher libido…

You need to be more friendly towards your woman. Do the little things and remember the smallest details. Women are wired to get turned on when they feel closer to you and being thoughtful makes them feel closer to you. Show your affection through random acts of kindness and she may be more likely to want to be close to you sexually when you do. (Source: psychologytoday.com)

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