Reasons Why You Should Steal Your Boyfriends Clothes

There are a lot of fashion statements to be made using your boyfriend’s clothes especially when you’re smaller than him and his clothes are oversized on you.

I hope these reasons are good enough to convince you to start picking items from his wardrobe every time you go over.

1. They’re more comfortable

Image of a lady in an oversized blazer via @highlowluxxe on Instagram

They don’t hug your body too tight. They are perfect for different looks. Men’s oversized coats and blazers typically look more structured and sleek and can be great if you want a more polished and trendy look. You just need to pair the look with heels or sneakers and you’re good to go.

2. Variety

Image via @amasack_ on Instagram

If we are being honest, ladies’ clothes are usually everywhere. Everyone kind of wears the same things and at some point, it feels like you’ve been left out if you don’t wear some but with guys, there’s a good chance that there’s only one or at most 3 pieces of what they’re wearing. You get to look different.

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