Kanye West Fights Sony And Universal As He Wants His Children To Own His Masters

Kanye Kim Kardashian family
Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West and three of their kids (Photo: Instagram//Kim Kardashian)

For a number of years now, a lot of musicians in America have been fighting to own their masters.

The masters are the original recording of their songs and they are often owned by the recording studios who paid for the recording.

The masters is the source from which all later recordings are made. The person who owns the masters, owns the song.

As it was the case of most American musicians, the record labels owned them as such the musician might have little control over their own music.

Kanye West is now preparing to take a legal fight to Sony Music and Universal Music.

This is because he wants to secure the ownership of his masters for his children.

He even shared a conversation from someone believed to be his lawyer as they discussed options available to Kanye.

Taylor Swift recently fought to secure ownership of her master recordings. She was unsuccessful and the master recording were sold to another company.

She is now re-recording those masters.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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