Here Are 10 Items You Would Find In A Nigerian Lady’s Handbag

Men would always wonder what it is that ladies have in their handbag. They feel like it is kit necessary for them to carry big handbag all the time rather, they can just hold a mini purse to keep their money or card. Little go they know that it is impossible for a true Nigerian lady not to have the following in her handbag

1. Simple makeup kit

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Ladies don’t want to be caught looking un-fresh. Like what if she finds her God’s- will on that day?. Mind you this makeup kit has its own separate bag in the big handbag

2. Sanitary pad

With govts failing, Nigerian youth take over fight against 'menstrual  period poverty' | Premium Times Nigeria

Sometimes, this August visitor may not give you sign that it’s coming or might even come earlier than usual.  A lady got to be prepared

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