UHAS: Balom Rahim Wins Most Outstanding Student Activist

Balom Rahim an old student of UHAS who is currently doing his National Service has been awarded the Most Outstanding Student Activist at the National Students’ Prestigious Award ( NASPA ) which was organised last Saturday.

Mr Balom was the Vice President for the Nursing and Midwifery Students’ Association while in the final year last year. He’s currently an executive of the National Health Students Association of Ghana popular known as NAHSAG. In his thank you message he opines;

Warm felicitations to you all, friends and family.
It’s with sheer bliss that I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone who, in any way, responded positively to my call for support (votes, prayers, publicity etc) during my nomination for the NASPA Awards.

By the grace of God, the target was met and I was crowned the Most Outstanding Student Activist of The Year at the 2020 National Students’ Prestigious Awards (NASPA) held on the 12th of September. In the heart of my glee resides an inexpressible debt of gratitude: gratitude for your profound and overwhelming support that made this dream a reality.

As I continue to count on your support for the future yet to come, it’s my prayer that God richly blesses you all and make you great in every way.

Thank you all and have wonderful endeavours and life Journey.
I am because we are.

Signed: ✍🏼
Maasubee Balom Rahim

This award is dedicated to:
🔅 The Giants of UHAS
🔅 Koro Youth Development Group
🔅 UHAS 2019 Year Group
🔅 Anbinkirin Family
Uhas Src National Students Prestigious Awards NAHSAG National Health Students’ Association of Ghana -Nahsag NUGS – National Union of Ghana Students

We at KUULPEEPS UHAS are very proud of you Rahim

Congratulations once again

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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