Let’s Get You Hired: Getting A Job In Ghana—Where To Look

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It’s yet another Monday morning. And if you’re unemployed, on mornings like this it can be difficult to gather the motivation to look for a job. So, today on Let’s Get You Hired, we’re here to put back some energy into your efforts. This week’s edition of the series is going to focus on where to look. Yes, we know you know websites where jobs are posted.

However, if you’re looking for work, you need to expand your “search net” a bit. Don’t limit yourself to just online browsing for job opportunities. There are other ways that you can get job opportunities, and we’re going cover a couple of them in this week’s issue of Let’s Get You Hired.

Use Newspapers To Get Information On Government Jobs

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Although, it may seem a bit old-fashioned to be checking newspapers for job opportunities, they have their advantages. You know how you never really hear about openings in public institutions? Well, a lot of those openings usually do not make it to online job boards. However, there are certain protocols that see public institutions publishing vacancies in newspapers. Additionally, some private corporations also do publish openings in newspapers.

One of the biggest advantages of looking through newspapers for job applications is that those jobs are usually with companies that will at the very least pay your first tier and second tier contributions.

Job Fairs

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Job fairs are events that gather numerous employability resources together in one place. So, if you’re unemployed, you want to be at a job fair. However, job fairs are also not too common in Ghana. But there are a couple organized on the campuses of various schools. And if you’re a student, you don’t want to miss those.

In addition to that, a partnership between the government of Ghana and the German embassy focuses on youth employment. The Ghanaian-German Centre organizes career fairs at regular intervals. And at those fairs, various companies set up stands, there are CV clinics and even mock interview stations. Naturally, at those stations you can practice your interview skills.

So, check out the Ghanaian-German Centre here. You should also follow the page for any updates on the next career fair. One more thing that I should add is that, you have to register for those fairs in advance. They are usually free though.

Youth Employment Agency

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The Youth Employment Agency was setup by the government in 2015 to empower the youth to contribute to the development of the country. There is a lot of support that yo can get from the agency, and you should take advantage of it. Click here to visit the website of the agency.

On the website you can find scholarships, chat with a career advisor, employability courses, job mentorships and even some vacancies for open roles. You wna t to navigate to the Job Centre when you visit the website.

Actively Search Websites Of Companies Where You Want To Work

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Another thing that can be helpful in your job search is to actively search the websites of companies where you want to work. A lot of companies have a career section on their websites. In those sections, they post open job positions, as well as how to apply for them. So, if there’s a company that you really have your sights set on, then it’s a good idea to visit that company’s website frequently to see new opportunities.

Make Use Of HR Agencies

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Finally, there are entire organisations that are dedicated to connecting employers and employees. Registering at one of these agencies means that you have a team working to get you a job. And the best part of that arrangement is that a lot of these companies will only take money after you have been placed in a role.

Some of the credible HR Agencies that you can contact are L’aine Services Limited, Axis Human Capital Limited and Acreaty Ghana among others. A credible HR Agency should have a website that you can check out.

Let’s Get You Hired is a weekly manual for job seekers. The series contains guides and tips on CVs, Interviews and other resources to get you hired.

Source: Oforiwaa Duodu (YouTube)


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