8 Signs You’re Way Drunker Than You Thought You Were

It always starts with someone convincing you to take just one alcoholic drink. Then it moves to group shots then before you know it, you’re the one buying for everyone and convincing them to drink more.

You start to feel a little buzzed but you brush it off. Then you just start feeling off and you start to wonder if everyone is feeling the same way or it’s just you.

The next time you open your eyes, your head is pounding and you don’t even remember how you got in your bed with all your clothes on.

Lol! If I’ve just described you or someone you know, here are 8 ways to tell that you’ve had one too many drinks and you should slow down depending on the type of drunk you are.

1. You realise you’re dancing

I use “Realise” because you don’t know how you found yourself in the middle of the establishment, dancing with people. It feels like you blacked out and you’re finally awake.

2. Everything is funny to you

For some reason anything anyone says is funny. You don’t know why. You just can’t stop yourself from laughing hard. If you’re part of these people, once you feel the giggles coming, know that it’s time to stop drinking.

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