5 Easy Ways To Make Any Ghanaian Father Happy

Photo by Kaysha from Pexels

Everyone knows that Ghanaian fathers are incredibly easy to please, right? Right? No, of course not. They treat their approval like cocaine. They just give it out in small enough doses for you to keep coming back for more. But we have the keys. There are some things that will 100% get you your Ghanaian father’s approval.

Cut Your Hair Low And Shave Your Beard

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

In Ghanaian society, how long much hair you have on your head as a guy shows how rebellious you are. And beards … Ghanaian parents’ lectures on why you shouldn’t have a beard can go on forever. If you get a haircut, the first thing you’re going to hear from your father is “Don’t you like how responsible you are?” which actually means that they’re very happy about your haircut.

Graduate With A First Class

Photo by Martin Kirigua from Pexels

Which Ghanaian father doesn’t want to brag to their friends about their child getting a first class. Just for giving him bragging rights that he can use for the next couple of decades, your father is going to be over the moon.

Be Successful

Photo by Zachary DeBottis from Pexels

It doesn’t matter that you fought with your father about not wanting to work in a bank like he wanted. As far as you blow doing what you want to do, the approval will come like water from a tap with a broken knob.


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