The Best And The Greatest Quamina MP Anthems

Quamina MP in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:
Quamina MP in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:

Quamina MP has a unique voice that makes his music extra special and when he adds it to any song, y’all know it’s going to make the song sound like a jam! There’s something about his jama like voice that makes everyone want to get lit so…I listed my anthems from him.

My eternal bangers! In no particular order:

Amanfuor Girls

Nobody has to tell you about this song and how much of a jam it is. I cannot imagine anyone else singing Quamina MPs parts and Medikal was just the perfect feature. The song is clearly an anthem.

No Sa

Technically, it is a Ground Up Charle song but we know he’s a part of them so it’s fine to call it one of his own. This is one of the littest ways he’s ever used his voice! A proper intro to the song. The house production just makes everything more upbeat and I honestly would listen to a good house beat where he just shouts random words on.

Wo Y3 Guy

First of all, don’t fight me because this is a slow love song. It’s my all-time favourite song from Quamina MP and, it still has that Quamina MP energy that only he can infuse in the softest of songs.

Wiase Y3 d3

December 2018 wasn’t December without this song. His lyrics were better than most of the songs here, he sang more than he usually does on a jam and it’s one of the best songs to have introduced us to his style. It’s one of his best songs hands down and his verses will always be what made the song, the song… if you get what I mean.

After The Return

Maybe it’s the production for me or maybe it’s the “What do you mean” he yells that makes me enjoy this song. After The Return was just right and quite annoying especially since the December 2019 enjoyment had cleared from our eyes, leaving us with the reality of being broke. Well, with this song, at least we could jam the tears away.


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