7 Things We Are All Thinking About On A Sunday Night

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It’s Sunday.

After eating fufu and settling down to relax, you look at the time and it hits you. It’s 6pm which is close to 7pm which practically means 10pm which also means…it’s Monday.

These are the thoughts going through your head as you decide whether or not to iron your clothes for Monday.

“Do I really need the job?”

Being a sugar baby sounds like a very good job title right now right?

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“Is it too late to fall sick tomorrow?”

Is it?

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“How did the weekend pass by so fast?”

All you did was jam on Friday, go for a wedding on Saturday and then the fufu date on Sunday. How did time fly so fast?

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“I can’t believe tomorrow is Monday”

The traffic…the morning meetings…the need to look extra official…

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“I hope it rains tomorrow”

I bet when it started raining this morning, you wished it was Monday instead so you enjoy your extra sleep better. Everyone knows sleep is sweet when you know you should be doing something like…work!

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“Why is tomorrow not a holiday?”

At this rate, you might have to wait till December lmao

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“I can’t wait for Friday”

It’s just 5 days away!!!

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Now stop grumbling and get ready for work tomorrow.

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