Try These Exciting Quizzes Only If You’re Amazing!

Via tenor

It’s the weekend!!! And we’ve got the perfect thing to help you relax… QUIZZES!!

Relax, it’s not your typical school quiz. These ones are super fun and the best part is, you can share your results with friends and ask them to try too!

Here are a few to try now!

First, allow us do some magic and predict your weekend:

Now take a brief history lesson here:

Prove you deserve an iPhone here:

Let’s see how well you know our GH celebs Lmao:

Only Rick and Morty fans are allowed here:

If you don’t watch that, how about we tell you about your love life!

Charge up your brain for this one ooo:

Unless, you’re a BBNaija fan then….try this:

If not, do this one let’s see:

Don’t forget to share when you’re done! The hoard the fun!


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