Video: Ghanaian Pastor Who Shot Wife Had Threatened To Kill Her Earlier

Sylvester Ofori reportedly followed Barbara Tommey to her workplace and shot her to death (image via Instagram/Sylvester Ofori)

Sylvester Ofori, a Ghanaian pastor in the U.S who shot his wife, Barbara Tommy, to death, actually threatened to kill her in front of her siblings.

Sylvester’s threat was captured in a video that has now emerged on social media.

Prior to making the threat, Sylvester and Barbara’s brother are seen in the video arguing.

Barbara’s siblings had accompanied her to Slyvester’s house to pick some documents.

Upon reaching the house, Barbara was attacked by Sylvester, and this propelled her brother to intervene.

In the process, Barbara’s brother accused Sylvester of being a fake pastor.

Sylvester in response issued a threat, stating that: “if i don’t kill your sister then I am fake”.

Sylvester Ofori, 35, is reported to have followed Babara Tommey, 27, to her place of work and shot her in front of the building.

The incident was captured on security cameras, which led to the subsequent identification and arrest of Sylvester by the Orlando police. He is currently facing trial.


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